April 11, 2021
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(Photo: The Chinland Post) 11 November 2020 – The Chin State Election Commission said that the number of votes cast for candidates contesting in Constituency No. 2 of Pyine Hluttaw in Tonzang Township were re-examined as the total results announced exceeded the registered list. Mr. Lin Kyaw, secretary of Chin State Election Commission said in […]Continue Reading
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7 November 2020 – A man identified as Sei Thang, aka Thanga, killed Kap Hlei Piang, father of two, in Rihkhuadar (Rihkhawdar), an Indian-Myanmar border town in Falam Township last Tuesday. The 28-year-old killer cut off with a knife the head of the victim, 43, a Suangdo villager working for the Myanmar Radio and Television […]Continue Reading