April 12, 2021
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Pigs die of unknown disease in Hakha

Dead pigs being buried in Thantlang (Photo: The Hakha Post)

29 November 2020 – At least four deaths of pigs in three wards of Hakha, Chin State have been reported within this week, according to the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department.

Dr. Kyaw Thu, head of the department, said that they were not able to identify the disease yet but had taken action once they were informed of the issues.

Some of the symptoms involved pigs having difficulty in breathing and hair loss.

The Hakha Times said that there were about 15 deaths in Hakha but were not reported to the concerned authorities.

“We will work hard to be able to confirm the disease that kills pigs. We should not be careless about this. It is important that we all take good care of ourselves, too,” added Dr. Kyaw Thu.

The department sent pieces of pig tissues to Yangon for examination in an attempt to identify the cause of the death.

Similar incidents were reported in Innsein village, Kalay Township of Sagaing Region with over 40 pigs dying of unknown diseases in this month.

In Thantlang, about 20 miles away from Hakha, the deaths of over 1,300 pigs were reported since March this year.

The Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department confirmed that the infection in Thantlang was caused by a virus termed ‘Porcine Circovirus Type-2’ after having received the results of the samples checked in Mandalay.

Since then, the Thantlang local administration has imposed a ban on sales and consumption of pork. – Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang.

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