April 14, 2021
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Votes rechecked in Tonzang as data discrepancies found

(Photo: The Chinland Post)

11 November 2020 – The Chin State Election Commission said that the number of votes cast for candidates contesting in Constituency No. 2 of Pyine Hluttaw in Tonzang Township were re-examined as the total results announced exceeded the registered list.

Mr. Lin Kyaw, secretary of Chin State Election Commission said in an interview with the Hakha Post that the voters were manually recorded first and then entered into a computer system, adding: “There were some errors when putting the data into the system. While we were counting the votes, there were MP candidates, media and observers beside us. So, there was no fraud. It was just an error by computer users.”

When calculating the total on the system, there were some extra votes of 4,675 found between the two MPs of Pau Lun Min Thang of the Zomi Congress for Democracy and Thang Suan Zam of the National League for Democracy.

Than Hau Lian, secretary of Tonzang Election Commission told the Khonumthung News that the errors had been found before the result was official announced.

“The actual votes were that Pau Lun Min Thang got 3,637 votes and Thang Suan Zam 2,760. So, no need to count all the votes again because Mr. Pau Lun Thang wins the seat,” he added.

In Constituency No. 2 of Pyine Hluttaw, there were five candidates contesting from four political parties, namely Union Solidarity and Development Party, National League for Democracy, Zomi Congress for Democracy, Zo National Region Development Party and Union Betterment Party.

Pau Lun Min Thang, the current State Minister of Social Affairs, won the ticket as his second term in the 2020 election in Tonzang Township. – Reporting by Cer Len Ci and Naomy VT Chin

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