April 13, 2021
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The SPDC Defunct Youth Organization In Chin State

The Commander of Matupi Tactical II Colonel San Aung issued an order of prohibition on the last week of May to the Youth Organization of Lung Ngo village of Razua Township, which have been recently upgraded as a town.

A villager of Lung Ngo, visiting Mizoram told our reporter that the military authority had issued an order to defunct the Lung Ngo Youth Organization as a chastisement to the people for the encounter between the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Police on March 12.

On March 12, the encounter between CNA and Police broke out in Lung Ngo where one policeman had been killed and two injured seriously, one CNA wounded.

“The authority stand, as government stationed the Police and the Army in your village there is no need for the formation of Youth Organization in the village.” said the villager from Lung Ngo.

He continues to stress, “There was no connection of the encounter of the CNA and the Police with the Youth Organization. We couldn’t understand the reason why the authority prohibited the formation of Youth Organization and defunct the same.”

The Youth Organization reportedly prohibited the creation of public nuisance due to drunkenness and selling of liquors in the village. It guards the village against robbery and theft. Besides being the precursor of the village, it is a philanthropic organization aiding the people in need- such as transporting the sick to the hospital. Pilfers and liquor hawkers dare not operate in the village. The Youth Organization took the task of security in football matches and evades troubles.

Meanwhile, the prohibition of formation of Youth Organization resulted in vendor ship of liquor by the Police and the Army. The local youth has started to drink, the elders could not control but faced a reprisal from the youth to prohibited the Police and the Army not to sell liquor or drink. The town elders and women were in a dilemma to deal with the situation.

The villager of Lung Ngo added, “As the Youth Organization defunct, theft and liquor vendors increase. The police and the army were such a pilfer that the chickens and the eggs of the town are considered as their (to be stolen by the police and the army). The village folks dare not complain the matter to the authority.”

“Until now we could organize youth assembly with the permission of the military government and whenever an assembly is proposed, permission has to be obtained from the military authority. It will be very easy for the authority to prohibits the youth organization and its activities in such venerable condition,” said an official of the Mara youth organization, locally known as Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP). The MTP is the only largest youth organization in Chin state.

The military government prohibited the formation of Youth Organizations in village, township or regional level in Chin state except in religious or secular institutional fields.

The youth organization of Lung Ngo was formed in the year 1999. The main activities of this organization are developmental works for the town and the youth. The Military government prohibited the formation of such associations or groups except in religious matters.


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