April 14, 2021
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Three ZRF Cadres, One Civilian Killed in ZRA attack on truck

The Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA) stormed a truck hauling some Zomi Revolutionary Front (ZRF) cadres and killed three ZRF and a civilian on Sunday in Manipur, India.

A truck transporting ZRF cadres and civilians was reportedly intercepted by the ZRA between Sinzawl and Thanlawn village in Churachandpur District in Manipur state as an aftermath of a recent commandeering of two vehicles by the ZRF on the Manipur-Mizoram state border.

ZRA spokeperson Cit Haing confirmed the ambush and said, “The ZRF were deserters from the ZRA who joined the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) in order to retaliate against us. It’s sort of taking action against them for what they have done.”

“Our cadres have been seeking to reprimand this faction. We will shoot them anytime and anywhere we find them as they have broken the rules and regulations of the ZRA. I strongly believe that this carnage will continue for sometime,” Cit Naing added.

According to the ZRA spokeperson; tension between the ZRA and UNLF has escalated since 2000. The three-day clash in which three ZRA were injured and about eight UNLF were believed killed on the Manipur-Mizoram border was the latest fierce shootout between them.

Meanwhile, Newslink, a Mizoram daily newspaper, reported allegations on on Wednesday that the ZRA were suspected of involvement in the commandeering and later return of a TATA Sumo and a TATA 407 to Khawkawn village in Mizoram state.

The civilian killed in the incident was identified as Laltueklien Pulamte, 45, from Pherzawl village. However, the edentities of the slain ZRF cadres were not disclosed.

Newslink reported that Joyce Pulamte, the daughter of one Pulamte, a 4-year-old boy named Rorelsang, and a sick person on his way to Churachandpur for medical treatment were seriously injured in the ZRA ambush.

The ZRF, Zogam Defense Volunteer (ZDV), and the United Socialist Revolutionary Army (USRA) are reportedly defectors from the ZRA. Clashes between the groups are frequent in Churachandpur District. Villagers often flee elsewhere to avoid the wrath of group clashes.

Thu 09 Jun 2005
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