April 13, 2021
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Indo-Myanmar Border Trade Frozen

The summoning of Myanmar Military Intelligence (MI) agents in the Indo-Myanmar border areas has reduced the number of border traders.

The goods transporters of vehicles have ceased to operate since Oct. 24. The MI agency gates were closed after most of the operaters were summoned by the military junta.

“The prices of essential goods rise continuously, though luxury goods were not affected. If the border trade route is closed for a longer period, prices will be rocketing,” said the Champhai businessman.

The army and police on the border secured the border tightly and strictly checked import and export goods.

A report has been received saying that the MI agents stationed at Tio were summoned on Oct. 29 and reported to their office in Kalay Myoh. had been house arrested be the military junta. In continuation of this coup certain MI officers were arres ted. This affect the border trade with the neighbor countries.


Sun 31 Oct 2004
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