April 13, 2021
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SPDC Grasp The Power To Abolish To Symbols In Chin State

Colonel San Aung, the commander of tactical II announced his power to abolish all symbols, building, monuments etc. in public places except that of General Aung San, the architect of Independent of Burma in the last week of May.

Colonel San Aung called a meeting of the authorities of Matupi Township and proclaimed his power to abolish symbols, building, monuments etc. The meeting was attend by heads of various governmental departments, the Village Peace and Development Council members and army officers, a man from Matupi town told our reporter.

“The Colonel proclaimed such power in order to let the Chin people know what power he have over the Chin people.” said the man from Matupi. He continues, “He made such proclamation to justify himself for the dismantling the Cross of Boltlang, Matupi recently. He says, ‘I have the power to abolish all except the picture of General Aung San, I did all these for the development of Matupi Township and no authority can take action against what I did’.”

The man from Matupi added, “He knew that the BBC, RFA, DVB had broadcasted the dismantle of the cross in Boltlang and justify himself as his action for the development of Matupi Township and a show off of his military despotism to the people.”

The proclamation of Col. San Aung was believed to be his justification and an excuse for dismantles of the cross in Boltlang as developmental works.

Since the posting of Col. San Aung in Matupi, about twenty houses had been dismantled besides the road of Matupi, about fifteen houses had been dismantled between Matupi town and Pha Neng village and confiscated fields around three miles of both sides of the road between Matupi and Nga Leng village for a distance of about ten miles, for tea plantation. He did all these as a plan for the development of Matupi.

The concreted Cross in Boltlang, Matupi was dismantled by Col. San Aung on January 3, 2005. The Chin people demonstrated the action of the Military Junta all over the world. The Malay authority booked the demonstrators in Malaysia and about hundred Chins were still detained today.


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Aizawl: 18 June 2005

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