April 17, 2021
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Deputy Director Of Immigration Department Charged On Fabrication Of Fake ID Card

A late report have been received that Mr. Ngun Vung, the Deputy Director of Immigration (Hakha Town) was charged and locked up for allegedly involving in the production of a fake Identity Card for one Chin National Army deserter.

A man from Hakha town reportedly told our reporter, “Mr. Ngun Vung was apprehended and detained in Hakha lock up for allegedly involving in fabrication of fake Identity card.”

As this news is prepare for publication, the CNA deserter was not yet identified, who was reportedly involved in this fabrication case. The renegade approached a resident of Cheery road of Hakha to help him produce a fake identity card. “The unidentified resident of Cheery Road, Hakha town approached the Deputy Director of Immigration Department in Hakha to produce a fake identity card. The renegade CNA was reportedly planning to go to Malaysia via Rangoon from Hakha town, with the fake identity card. The duty officers at gate knew that he was a CNA cadre and apprehended him. Later the duty officers learned that the identity card was faked. The Deputy Director of the Immigration was also detained spontaneously.” said the man from Hakha.

“Its a serious case of breaching the code of conduct of an officer. He might be sentence for long-term imprisonment. He had already been detained for five days, no body but his superiors only could visit him. It is not even known which government department booked him.” continued the man from Hakha.

The main fabricator of fake identity card for the CNA deserters is at large. The authority will detain Mr. Ngun Vung until the real culprit is booked. The authority is probing for the absconder, reports our source.

“This is not the first case of fabrication of fake identity cards. It is an open secret that the employees of the Immigration fabricated identity cards, some intentionally while some naively though. It is a good side income for the employees and most of them are so eager to do the job.” said a man from Thantlang town, who is currently in Mizoram. He added, “After this case of apprehending fake identity card, inspection of identity cards and the card holders will be more severe then before.”

There are nine towns where Immigration office is located in Chin state. This is reportedly the first case of booking an officer who is allegedly involved in fabricating fake identity card.

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