April 12, 2021
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Mizoram Local Paper Highlighted The Sites Of CNF’s High Figures

Mizoram local paper ‘Newslink’ widely covers the locality of the Chin National Front (CNF)’s high profiles in the front page on its Friday issue.

According to the paper, Thomas, the Chairman of CNF is in Aizawl these days, while the Army Chief of the organization armed wing, Chin National Army (CNA) has fled to Bangladesh. The paper also stated that Suikhar, as the main figure behind the organization, is presently in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Moreover, the paper reportedly stated that the CNF had an emergency meeting on 6th June following the ordered of the Union government of India to Mizoram state government to flush the CNA from Indian soil.

David H. Thangliana, the Editor of Newslink, when contacted respond, “Just telling the public that some of the rebel group of Burma are staying in Aizawl. Not like exposing and informing the facts to India government for trapping and enhancing their operation against the rebel group.” He continued, “Central government has put pressure on Mizoram state government to crack down CNF several times, as soon as possible. But so far, as I am aware, Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) did not show the hint of the preparation for the attack yet.”

Paul, CNF spoke person said, “We, CNF, never stay permanently in Aizawl as mentioned in the paper except those who works in collaboration with NGOs. Since the Indian government has never let us stay in their soil – it is a rumor. Our relationship will be as before. Such pressure could happen any time as the media reports. No need to be worried so much.” He added, “the Chairman never stayed permanently in Aizawl, but visit the city occasionally. Some body might have seen him in one of his visit and rumored to be permanently in Aizawl. The army chief did not flee. So, the sources of the paper are absolutely wrong.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Central Government pressurized the Mizoram state security forces and the Assam Rifles to evict the CNF from Indian soil on 3rd June 2005. India Internal Security Special Secretary Anil Choudury and Joint Secretary (North East) Rajiv Agarwal visited Mizoram on May 29 and discussed issues on military operation against the CNF with the state government.

The issue to crack on the CNF by Indian government is assumed to be result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the high delegates of India and Burma government last October, when Senior General Than Shwe, the head of State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) of Burma visited India.

The Indian Security Forces had launched an operation against CNF headquarters Camp Victoria in 1999 and 2002. This is the third time that the Indian government is pressurizing its state government and its security forces to launch military operation against the pro-democracy CNF’s Camp Victoria.

Fri 10 Jun 2005
Aizawl, Khonumthung News Group

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