April 20, 2021
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Burmese Military authorities launch anti-insurgency campaigns in Chin State

Burma Military begins anti-insurgency campaign in Thang Tlang Township in Chin state.

To terminate insurgency groups moving around the Indo-Burma border area, villagers around Thang Tlang township have been engaging in militia training since 10 a.m. on Jan. 6, according to an order issued by Light Infantry Battalion No.268 commander Lieutenant Colonel Win Bo, said a Tlang pi villager who participated in training, requesting anonymity.

“We paid a salute to the National flag and were commanded to shout anti-insurgency slogans and be solemn,” the villager explaied. “They also reminded us to stay united after the training and told us we would be provided weapons if the security of villagers is threatened by the insurgency groups.”

There were 46 trainees from Tlang lo village, 160 from Tlangpi, 60 from Farawn, 50 from Tah Tlang and 50 from Zang Tlang involved in the militia training.

At the same time, the battalion commander instructed Village Peace and Development Council (VPDCs) chairmen from the villages to erect signboards bearing banners such as “Those who support CNA (Chin National Army) and CIA (Chin Integrated Army) are the common enemy,” “CNA, CIA are destroyers of local development and security,” and “No need for CNA and CIA” at every village entrance and exit gate, and in front of each house representing a housing group. The assignment was to be finished in five days, said a VPDC member from one of the villages being trained.

The signboards to be erected at the entrance and exit gate of all villages participating in training were 4 x 3 square feet and the one to be put in front of each house representing a group of houses was 2 x 1 square feet.

Residents from nearby villages of newly promoted Rih township were given militia training by Burmese soldiers led by Captain Lian Thawng from LIB No. 268 station at Falam township.

Burma soldiers allegedly started to increase militia training operations along the Indo-Burma Border after clashes broke out between the Assam Rifles and CIA at Vaphai village in Mizoram State, India. Prior to the Vaphai incidents, the CIA had raided the police station based in Tibual village in Falam Township, Burma.

Fri 21 Jan 2005

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