April 13, 2021
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SPDC soldiers killed innocent villager

An innocent villager has allegedly been killed by SPDC soldiers in Chin state on the Indian border. SPDC soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion No.266 murdered 18-year-old Samuel, from Selawn village in Falam, on Jan 19, reported Chan Hlei Thang, chairman of the Selawn village Peace and Development Council.


SPDC soldiers slaughtered Samuel because he was accused of being part of the Chin Integrated Army (CIA), one of the Chin rebel armed groups, he said.


SPDC soldiers led by Captain Tin Myo Win took Samuel to show the way to the spot where weapons were hidden by the CIA. When they reached near to Hmawng Kawn, he was killed by SPDC soldiers, a Hmawng Kawn villager explained.


Samuel was said to have been captured by SPDC soldiers at Tio, where the bridge connects Burma and India. He was then carried by Jeep to Selawn village. They then took him on the footpath from Selawn to Hmawng Kawn village. He was then killed two miles from Hmawng Kawn village.


A hunter fron Selawn village, who preferred to remain unnamed, elaborated: “His hat was left at the spot where he was killed. I found the blood stain on the ground but did not find his corpse there. He, Samuel, had no contact connection with CIA at all. All the villagers knew he was an ordinary farmer and an honest man.”


Samuel was the youngest son of U Chan Hlei Thang, who was accused of having CIA connections by the SPDC. Samuel’s parents fled to India to avoid SPDC threats. His two brothers are detained in Tibawl military camp in Falam.


Villagers around Rid township have been searching for CIA hidden weapons since clashes broke out Dec. 11 between the CIA headed by Ngun Uk Lian and Assam Rifle soldiers. The CIA hid the weapons and ammunition in an unknown place and fled because Burma and India military authorities were planning a joint military operation against the CIA.


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