April 13, 2021
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Villagers in Chin state earnestly involved in self-support road construction

Villagers residing in Thantlang township in Chin state, Burma, recently, said to actively involve in building self-support road.

The self-supporting road connected to Hmawng Tlang from Cawngthia village in Than Tlang Township have been initiated by keenly participating of Villagers since the second week of January, 2005, a villager from Cawngthia village who requested to be unnamed for security reason, presently been in Mizoram reported.

As the question was raised to him regarding road construction, he explained, ” The former road is muddy, rough and functional only on summer. The new one will be shorter and could be serviceable for the whole years.”

The villager further said that multi-denominational Churches in Than Tlang township led by pastor San Ngun Kham organized the masses self-support road construction.

Than Tlang construction department sanctioned Kyats (100) millions as supporting manner for self-supported road building efforts, he also continued.

One week long took masses labor in road construction now took a week could complete (2) miles out of (8) miles long road.

In road building field, over two hundred fifty villagers from Phaikhua, Hmawng Tlang, Leitak (A), Leitak(B), Leitak(C) and Ai Bur villages have voluntarily participated. Among them twenty were female who were duties for cooking.

It is also heard that multi-denominational Churches in Than Tlang township association took responsibilities providing to those who involved in road building with rations such as rice, oil, salt, etc.


Mon 07 Feb 2005

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