April 13, 2021
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Mizoram Opposition Blames MNF For Harboring Rebels

The main opposition party of Mizoram state, Mizoram Pradesh Congress (I), accused the state government for harboring and turning a blind eye to the underground outfits sheltering along the Indo-Burma border.

The party President, Mr. Lalthanhawla, in an interview with the Khonumthung News Group said, “The MNF Government is not maintaining the law and order of the state, even death bodies have been discovered almost everyday and yet the killers are not being identified and apprehended by the law enforcing agencies. The rebels armed groups have been given food and shelter.”

Mr. Lalthanhawla, explaining the nexus between the MNF and the rebel groups said, “Rebel groups from all neighboring states, including Burma, sheltered in Aizawl. They are roaming freely and with the knowledge of the Chief Minister. They even have camps in the border areas of Mizoram.”

The party president further stress, “The Chief Minister is sworn according to the provision of the constitution: harboring and providing shelter to any rebel group of any country is a violation of the constitution. As long as armed groups are here in the state, peace is disturbed and the common men are not safe.”

The Congress party, on Wednesday, submitted a special memorandum to the President of India to investigate the failure of the MNF government in maintaining the law and order of the state and their relationship with underground outfits.

The memorandum stated that the state government denies executing the law related to armed groups. They (UGs) find safe haven in the state and the future of the state is not safe and is unstable.

The home ministry realized that Burmese dissidents are campaigning in Mizoram recently. The Central Government of India, therefore, directly ordered the state government to flush out foreign rebels group and destroy their camps.

On June 3, the state government received direct order to cracked down upon the Chin National Army, a pro-democracy rebel group of Burma, destroy their main camp ‘Victoria’ and evacuate them from Indian soil.

In connection to the order from the Central Government, the state security arrested twelve members of Chin National Confederation in Aizawl and three in Champhai recently. Three of the arrested CNC members were repatriated to the Military Junta of Burma.

Mr. Lalrinliana, a member of MPC and Legislative Assembly (MLA) on June 7 claimed in a press conference that the eastern part of Mizoram has been almost dominated by rebel groups from Manipur state and Burma.

He claimed, “The armed dissidents from Burma – Chin tiger Army, Chin National Confederation, Chin National Army and Zomi Revolutionary Army set their headquarters in the state.”

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Aizawl: 18 June 2005

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