April 12, 2021
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The Repatriated CNC Are Under Interrogation In Chin State

The trio-repatriated members of the Chin National Confederation were being interrogated in Falam, Northern Chin state.

A government servant from Falam (name withheld for security reason) told our reporter that the Battalion Commander of LIB-268, Leut. Col. Win Bo, is interrogating the repatriated CNC members.

The government servant said, “They took them (CNC members) directly to their camp with a truck. Nobody knows who they are or what will they do to them. It is presumed that the minimum punishment will be detention in Kalay concentration camp. It is not known when will they complete the interrogation and when will they be sentence to imprisonment.”

2nd Lieutenant Kyaw Tet Way and Corporal Thay Thay From LIB 268 took the repatriated CNC trio by a truck to Rih military camp, a man from Rihkhuadar told our reporter. He siad, “These fellows will be sentence a minimum of 20 years imprisonment or concentration camp, there is no hope that they will be set free alive.”

This man from Rihkhuadar shared his opinion to the Khonumthung News Group, “The Mizoram government wanted them to die in the hand of the Burma military government. It should not be done by a democratic country.”

The repatriated CNC members were Mr. Lalbiakthawma, Tahan, Kalay town, Mr. Teiliankhin @ Liana (20), Taza Village, Kalay town and Mr. Cinluaia (17), Chhawngwa village, Kalay town. They had been imprison in Champhai jail by the Champhai police with foreigner cases before being handed over to the Burma’s military government.

The 12 CNC members, including the Vice President Mr. Fung Kung were apprehended by Mizoram security last May and had been detained in Aizawl Centre Jail with foreigner cases. Five other members of the CNC are still being imprisoned in Champhai jail besides the three repatriated.


The Mizoram states Rihkhawdar Police Post Commanding Officer, Mr. Chunghmingthanga, handed over the CNC trio to the military authority of New Rih town, Burma last Monday.


The Indian authority repatriated the trio to the Military Junta of Burma on 13th June.


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