April 13, 2021
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India Government started to Crack Down Camp Victoria

The Indian Security Forces started its operation to cracked down Camp Victoria (CV) of the Chin National Army in Indo-Burma border this morning by 9:00 A.M. (IST).

A man from Tuipang (name with held due to security reason) inform Khonumthung News Group that about three hundreds Mizoram Armed Police (MAP) approached CV, to flush out the CNA with six vehicles from Tuipang village. Mizoram Government had served 20th June as the death line to the CNA to evacuate CV.

Our source said, “It is not known whether they (MAP) will attack the camp directly today or not. However, no civilians are known to be itinerant around the operation areas.” He added, ” We have no idea on how long the operation will take place, what so ever, the Director General of Police, Mr. Lalngheta Sailo command the Police forces, who had initially posted the MAP in Saiha, Tuipang and Zawngling and readied to be deployed as require.”

In connection to this operation, Paul Smith, the spoke person of the Chin National Front when contact informs Khonumthung, “I cannot contact the army officials of CV, so regarding the MAP operation, I have nothing to tell.”

The local paper of Tuipang on Monday reportedly published the news briefing of Mr. Lalngheta Sailo, the Commanding Officer, ” 20th June as the death line for the CNA to evacuate CV have expire, so we shall conduct a major operation against the CNA as an order had been received from the Central Government.”

The DGP in his statement to his receptionists and the press said, “I cannot hide        the reason why I come to this place, though I tried in the first place. The Indian government prohibited the settlement of the CNA in Indian soil. We would like to avoid the utility of military power as far as possible but more security forces could be request if require.”

In responding to the question on how to deal with the CNA as they have no other place but Mizoram to stay; the DGP said, “They are rebels and foreigners, so we can apprehend them.”

It was known from a reliable source that the Burma Military government had forced the people to transport military supplies in Indo -Burma border areas in the month of May. Army had been posted in the villages nearby CV such as Sabawngte, Lailenpi, and to Sa Tu, where army had been never posted before.

In preparation to crack on the CNA, the Burmese army too transferred LIB 87 and LIB 347 battalion at Hakha tactical 1.

According to the MoU between the government of India and Burma, the state government of Mizoram is currently cracking down the Chin pro-democracy activists.

The state government apprehended twelve members of Chin National Confederation, including its Vice President. Meanwhile, the members of CNC apprehended in Champhai were repatriated to the Military junta of Burma.

Meanwhile, the Chin people all over the world pray for the Chin National Front in Canada, United States of America, Europe, Australia and other countries of Asia, reports Chinland Guardian.

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Aizawl: 21 June 2005

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