April 17, 2021
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Suspension Bridge To Be Built By Local People

Local people in Matupi township have taken the initiative to construct a suspension bridge where no ferry passage is available.

Matupi Township Peace and Development Council (TPDC) chairman Za Thi and the commander of Tactical II Brigadier San Aung required local people to construct a suspension bridge over the Sa Rawng river to connect Tang Ku and Sum Sen villages, according to a traveler from the area.

“As this is harvesting time, we have no time to construct the bridge whatsoever. We shall have to start the bridge construction when the harvest is over,” a reporter quoted.

The suspension bridge construction will affect eight area villages in the area including Tang Ku, Reng Kheng, Pa Kheng, Ca Kheng A and B, Sum Sen, Ti Bing, Pa Mai and Tin Nam.

Three villages have to donate 50 cubic meters of wood for the construction. The remaining villages will be constructed with the labor of the people.

A report has also been received sayingt such a suspension bridge will be constructed by local people between Ti Baw and Am Lai village of Matupi Township by order of the TPDC and the army.

However, when such an order will be issued is not yet known.

Mon 01 Nov 2004
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