April 17, 2021
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Mass forced labor used to fence police camp in Chin State

Many villagers are said to have been involved in forced labor fencing Hmawng Tlang police camp in Thang Tlang Township in Chin state, Burma.

According to instructions of U Mya Thein, chief inspector of Thang Tlang township, the inspector of Mawng Tlang ordered people residing in nearby Hmawng Tlang village to set up fences around Hmawng Tlang police camp, according to people from Thang Tlang currently in Mizoram State, India.

A villager who took part in the work said the fenced area of the police camp is believed to be about 1,000 square feet wide.

The villagers prepared to fend for themselves and cut wood in the forest, carried it to and fenced the camp, work that every forced laborer is usually used to.

Sixty villagers from Aibur village, 100 from Hmawng Tlang, 100 from Cawng Thia, 100 from Le Tak (A)(B)(C) and 40 from Phaikhua were included in fencing the police camp. “Hmawng Tlang camp was not only notorious for its labor (practices) but for engaging in liquor smuggling. Corporal Thangthai himself led in making liquor and selling it to villagers,” explained a village peace and development council member from Phaikhua village who himself experienced the labor.

Sat 22 Jan 2005

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