April 14, 2021
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Students distressed by educational officials in Chin state

Officials of the education department from Thang Tlang Town in Chin State, Myanmar have allegedly asked Thang Tlang Township students from Grade-X to nursery school, to buy fixed price stationery goods at school, and forced them to join tuition classes.

Subsequently, the students with financial problems are in a difficult situation, said a local from Thang Tlang town who was recently in the Indo-Burma border area. He added that the students who are studying in government schools ranging from High school to Primary school were asked to buy 3 pencils at the cost of Kyat 30 a pencil and a dozen notebooks at Kyat 1300 a dozen. In fact, the price of pencils is Kyat 25 for one, not 30, and a dozen notebooks costs Kyat 800 in stationery shops in Thang Tlang Town.

Instead of buying school supplies at school at a price fixed by the education department, most students want to buy their supplies at the stationery shop where prices are cheaper. However, officials warned the students that they would not be accepted if they did not buy the stationery goods at school. If students cannot afford to buy their supplies in school, they have to borrow money from others to buy supplies. In addition, nursery school students were also made to buy pencils and notebooks unnecessarily.

Students from Thang Tlang, Falam and Haka Townships were said to be forced to attend the tuition class by the teachers of the schools. The tuition fee in Falam is Kyat 300 per month and Kyat 500 in Thang Tlang and Haka townships. These rocketing fees for tuition are discouraging students who cannot afford them.

Sat 21 Aug 2004
Aizawl, Khonumthung News Group:

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