April 13, 2021
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President Thein Sein to visit Chin State next month

11 January 2016 — President Thein Sein, 70, is expected to arrive in Hakha, Chin State on 20 February, Chin National Day, according to sources from the State government.

Ram Mang, State minister of Planning and Economics, said that the country’s ex-military leader would inspect housing constructed in a new hilly location on the outskirts of the capital for landslide-affected victims.

The Chin minister, an MP of the Chin National Democratic Party, said in the Hakha Post that the President would also inaugurate new water storage built for use as a water supply to the town.

The former Prime Minister is believed to open the ribbon-cutting ceremony although the construction is unlikely to be completed by then.

Salai Thang, a community leader, told the Chinland Guardian: “Now, we are getting worried that the construction would be rushed and polished in an attempt to get Thein Sein’s impression. We don’t want this kind of work any more.”

“Actually, the opening ceremony should be held only when the construction is completely finished and the water storage is in full function,” he added.

During the President’s visit last year following the landslides that had destroyed hundreds of houses and displaced thousands, he gave promises to the victims saying that new houses would be built ready for them to move in to before the end of 2015.

However, the housing construction has not been entirely finished until today.

Last week, hundreds of the victims staged peaceful demonstrations calling on the authorities to keep their promises and construct new houses in the relocation area in accordance with the initial plans.

President Thein Sein attended the celebration of the 67th Chin National Day in Hakha last year.#

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