April 18, 2021
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Landslide kills two women in Hakha

20 June 2015 — Hours-long continuous rains caused a landslide in Hakha at about 9:30am today, killing two women who were building a brick wall on the site.

The two victims, Tial Tin Mawi, 21, mother of a 2-year-old child, and Par Zi, 21, were buried beneath the landslide while they were working on the new Hakha road.

Ms Phir Khen, a co-worker, said in the Hakha Post: “They were carrying buckets of soil on the edge of the road and we were working below them. Suddely, we heard a loud noise made by the landslide that had fallen upom them but it didn’t reach us.”

Minutes later, their bodies were uncovered with a backhoe by members of the fire brigade, the police force and youth group.

Pu Hrang Tiam, a retired assistant engineer, said in the Hakha Post that roadwork should not be done during the rainy season as the soil got damp and could easily be shaken when digging machines were used.

Salai Uk, a carpenter who used to work near the site, told the Chinland Guardian: “I think the landslide happened after a terraced hillside was destroyed following construction of the new road.”

Mawi, from Hniarlawn village, and Zi, from Dauchim village, had just started working for the road construction a few days previously.#

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