April 17, 2021
Chin News

Govt to sign resource sharing agreement with companies in Chin State

30 January 2014: Companies permitted to extract natural resources in Chin State will be allowed to start their projects only after the signing of a resource sharing agreement with the State authority, according to a government source.

Kyaw Nyein, State Minister of Forestry and Mines, said in the Myanma Freedom Daily that the companies would start their work only when the agreement was reached.

However, he made no mention of the date of the signing and contents of the agreement, which is believed to be inked in the near future.

Eight mining companies, two from China and six from Burma, have been granted permits to operate in the Gullu Mual mining project in Tedim township, Chin State.

According to media reports, the Gullu Mual project, a joint venture between China and Burma, has been suspended following protests by local communities.#

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