April 14, 2021
Chin News

Union minister to hold Hakha meeting on Sunday

05 February 2015 — Kyaw Hsan, Union minister of Cooperatives, is holding a meeting in Hakha this Sunday, according to a source from the Chin State government.

He is expected to arrive in the capital of Chin State on Saturday and will meet with officials from the State government and township administration departments the next day.

A government employee in Hakha said on condition of anonymity: “It is likely that the meeting will coincide with church worship services. It means people will not be able to go to church.”

The retired Brigadier General and former Union minister of Information and Culture is making his first official trip to Burma’s least developed State as a Union minister.

He will be discussing issues related to agricultural, livestock breeding and rural development in Chin State.

“The country’s president as well as Union ministers are well aware that Hakha is a Christian town. However, they keep calling a meeting on Sunday. This is intentional and delibrate. It’s a sign of disrespect for our religion,” added the Chin employee.#

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