April 14, 2021
Chin News

Hakha road works hastened to complete before Thein Sein’s visit

04 January 2015 — Construction of the main road in Hakha, Chin State has been sped up in an effort to get it ready for use ahead of Thein Sein’s planned visit this month.

The ongoing road development, which involves widening and covering the road with gravel and tar, was initially scheduled to finish in March this year.

But the State authority want it to be completed before the February 20 celebration of Chin National Day in which the president is expected to attend.

A source from the Hakha construction department said that the construction had to be done before 20 February as the authority would like Thein Sein to see a new development in the capital.

During his visit, the former prime minister is also to open a new operation theatre of the Hakha General Hospital and an electric power station distributed through the national grid from Kyaw, Magwe Region.

Meanwhile, power outages have hit Hakha for five consecutive days owning to maintenance engineering works, according to the electric department.#

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