April 13, 2021
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Govt urged to initiate agreement implementation

17 January 2015 – The coordination committee of the Chin National Conference said that Burma’s government should initiate translating provisions in the ceasefire agreement into action.

In a statement released yesterday following their second meeting, the committee urged the Union government to immediately take a leading role in implementing the ceasefire agreement with the Chin National Front.

Salai Isaac Khen, coordinator for the implementation of CNC’s resolution, told the Chinland Guardian the meeting had seen the government weak in the implementation process.

“We expect to see further improvement beyond the ceasefire. But, for instance, human rights violations still continue in Chin State. The government must take the initiative in the implementation of what has been agreed,” Khen added.

The second round of peace talks between the CNF and the Union Peace Working Committee took place in Rangoon in December 2012, in which one of the provisions is to form an independent Chin human rights committee.

The second meeting of the coordination committee for the CNC’s resolutions implementation reviewed their work and prioritized issues for this year in a discussion held in Hakha from 14 to 15 December.

In November 2013, the Chin National Conference was organized in Hakha with more than 5000 delegates from the Chin State government, political parties, CNF, religious organizations, and women, youth and civil society groups.#

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