April 13, 2021
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Zomi educational seminar to be held in USA

13 September 2013: A seminar on the topic of ‘Life in America’ is to kick off tomorrow under the leadership of the Global Outreach and Community Development (GOCD) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The event entitled ‘Zomi Educational Seminar II’ aims to provide talks by invited experts on American parenting, medical health, work ethics, and issues related to refugees as well as domestic violence.

Rev. Dr. Chin Do Kham, President of GOCD, said in his announcement the first Zomi seminar on ‘Life in America’ was held in Tulsa last year with about 320 participants.

GOCD is also in full preparation for the upcoming event called ‘Zomi Gospel Concert USA 2013’ in Tulsa on 21 September.

Among various singers invited to entertain at the concert are JK Kam from Norway, Niangpi and Lengtong Kam Khen from Burma.

About 700 people attended the first ‘Zomi Gospel Concert USA’ in 2012.#

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