April 18, 2021
Chin News

Dozens of Chin refugees arrested in Malaysia

04 May 2015 — The Malaysian authorities carried out an evening operation in an attempt to crack down on illegal immigrants in Kuala Lumpur, arresting at least 72 Chins last Wednesday.

It was conducted from 6pm to 8pm in San Peng, Loke Yew and Pudu by police and RELA Corps, a paramilitary civil volunteer corps, together with the Immigration Department and the Criminal Investigation Department.

The Alliance of Chin Refugees, a community-based Chin refugee organization, said that the authorities had raided homes and taken Chin refugees, both UNHCR registered and non-registered.

The Faiceu Media Group that prints a Chin newsletter in Kuala Lumpur reportedly said that staff members of the Outreach and Protection Intervention Unit of the UNCHR had participated in the Wednesday operation.

It also reported that the areas targeted constituted parts of the Malaysian capital where the largest number of Chin refugees and asylum seekers lived.

Those arrested were taken away in three lorries.

In recent months, the Malaysian government had repeatedly requested the UNHCR to speed up the process for ‘undocumented individuals’ to return to their countries.

As of January this year, there are 140,590 people from Burma who had applied for amnesty and refugee status in Malaysia, according to the UNHCR statistics.#

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