April 13, 2021
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Chin pastor ordered to stop church building construction in Magwe

03 February 2014: A Chin Christian pastor working as a missionary in Yesagyo, Magwe Region, said that local authorities have issued an order to stop constructing a church building.

He also said during his testimony at a local church in Hakha that a Yesagyo Township Administration Officer had told him in an official letter issued on 1 January 2014 to knock the building under construction down and to remove all the materials by the end of January.

He added that they [the church] were threatened in the letter that they would be charged in accordance with the law should they fail to follow the order.

The Chin pastor said that an appeal letter has been written with the help of Chin MP, leaders and pastors from Hakha and Thantlang, and sent to relevant authorities including President Thein Sein and the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

According to local media reports as of today, they have not yet received any response from the authorities.

Chinland Guardian is unable to reach authorities in Yesagyo for comments on this matter.#

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