April 12, 2021
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10-yr-old Chin refugee girl hit by bicycle in Delhi

03 February 2014: A bicycle driven at high speed by an Indian man hit a Chin refugee girl, Lal Rin, in Delhi, India yesterday, badly injuring her head.

The incident happened around 4:30 pm in the evening while Lal Rin and her friend were heading to attend a church service held by the Chin Christian Fellowship in Janakpuri of India’s capital.  

She told the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) that the bicycle had crashed her from the front and that she had instantly collapsed with her head bleeding, adding: “My head was badly hurt, I felt so dizzy and couldn’t get up.”

Her friend, who was shocked and frightened to see what was happening to Rin, rushed to the church, and informed other refugee fellows of the accident.

“Immediately, four people from my church took me to a private clinic in Chanakpuri, New Delhi and got my wound stitched,” added Rin.

Information about the cyclist is unknown as he immediately ran away from the scene on Sunday.

Lal Rin is still on medication and unable to get up, according to her mother, Hram Zing, who said that what had happend to her daughter is giving her problems with her heart and making her feel worried.

Lal Rin has three younger brothers and they are looked after by their single mother in Delhi.#

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