April 12, 2021
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Chin journalists visit Mizoram on media tour

10 May 2016 – A group of Chin journalists from Burma yesterday arrived in Aizawl, Mizoram State of India on a short trip to explore news media in the capital.

The 18-member delegation, comprising 13 representatives from 12 different Chin media organizations and five from the Chin Media Network, made their first trip to the neighbouring State in an attempt to learn about print and broadcast media.

Salai CL Thanga, CMN capacity building director, said in the Chinland Post: “Mizoram is one of India’s States that are developed in terms of media. The main aim is to learn lessons from their experiences in order for us to improve our media.”

The delegation is set to meet with the Mizoram Journalists’ Association, founded on 23 March 1972 by Lal Thanhawla, the current chief minister of Mizoram State and the then editor of the ‘Mizo Aw’.

They will also visit some of the major Mizo news organizations that run printed and TV broadcast media.

With financial support from the United Nations Development Program in Burma, the CMN is organizing the tour as part of their program discussed in its fifth annual meeting in Tedim town in January this year.

The team consists of journalists from The Chinland Post, Chin World, Khonumthung, The Hakha Post, Matupi Times, Tahan Times, Zomi Times, Tongsan Post, Zolengte Post, Tedim Post, Chin Voice, and Chinthuthang.#

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