April 13, 2021
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Landslide victims hold demonstrations in Hakha

08 January 2015 — More than one thousand people, mostly affected by landslides, in Hakha marched along the main road on Tuesday and Wednesday protesting against the construction of housing for the displaced at a new relocation site.

They demanded the State authorities to ensure housing construction at the new location to be carried out in accordance with the initial plans designed by experts.

Some of the highlight points involve the need to construct a properly designed drainage system, roads leading to, and in the area, and a hospital in another location rather than the current one selected by the authorities.

Lai Cung, an event leader whose house was destroyed in the landslides, told the Hakha Post that they didn’t want the construction to be rushed and completed unsystematically.

“We all take to the streets not because we are running out of food and water but because what have been done in the relocation area are not what have been promised,” the Chin leader said.

The two-day demonstrations called for an immediate end to favouritism and discrimination when it came to the allocation of land and houses to the victims.

During the peaceful marches, the State authorities did not allow demonstrators to walk in front of the new State government office building. Event organizers said that they had to march behind it.

The organizers said that the demonstration would not stop but continue until they received any effective responses from the authorities.

During his visit to the capital last year, President Thein Sein said that construction of new houses in the relocation site would be done before the end of December 2015.

The State government have been criticised for letting Khuabe and Beute villagers move to the new location before Christmas although electricity, water and toilets are not ready for use.

Lai Cung, Christian pastor-cum-leader, said in the Hakha Post: “If the current government is not able to finish the construction systematically, they’d better stop and let the new government to take over.”

According to the State government, there are 732 families whose houses were destroyed by heavy landslides in Hakha in July last year.#

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