April 13, 2021
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Man robbed on Thantlang-Hakha road

(Photo: Thantlang town)

19 January 2021 – A group of three unknown men committed daylight robbery, snatching money from a trader identified as Aung Aung during his travel to Hakha from Thantlang last Saturday.

The incident happened on the main road at about 14.5km away from Thantlang town around 2:30pm when Aung Aung was suddenly stopped by the trio while driving his motorbike.

According to the government sources, Aung Aung was taken to a roadside location by one of the group who grasped him from his back while another member was pushing him using his knife. The other was taking care of the motorbike to make it invisible from the road.

Then, he was taken into a nearby jungle about two furlong (0.4km) off the main road. The group sealed Aung Aung’s mouth with pieces of duck tape and tied his hands behind his back.

It was learnt that the group released Aung Aung after having taken his money estimated to be 1,700,000 Kyats (about 1,274USD).

“We haven’t heard this kind of dangerous activities in our areas for years. This is very worrying as the road between Hakha and Thantlang is quite busy with travellers including women and children. This has to be stopped and concerted action needs to be taken effectively,” said Thawngpi, a youth leader who is currently based in Hakha.

Aung Aung, 32, originally from Irrawaddy Region, sells betel nuts for a living and is based in Hakha.

According to government sources, the police received the case and are investigating. – Reporting by Cer Len Ci and Naomy VT Chin.

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