April 18, 2021
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Paletwa campaign against plan to construct police station

04 December 2013: Residents in Paletwa, Paletwa Township are making a concerted effort to stop government’s plan to construct a police station in the town centre.

They say that the building will include office rooms and prisons, and that it will disturb the neighborhood.

Salai Khwe Yang MP told the Khumi Media Group that the locals didn’t agree to the construction plan and that more than 1,000 would sign a campaign letter to be sent to the Chin State government.

“One of the reasons they [locals] oppose the plan is because the building will stand in a small space in the town centre between the General Hospital and the downtown market,” added the Chin MP, from the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

A Paletwa resident said that the initial preparations of the construction had forced at least 16 houses to relocate and that the responsible authorities had not consulted the local cummunities about the project.

The Khumi Media Group said that parents from 47 households had written a letter to the Paletwa Police Station, demanding to construct a new road as the building would block their main road leading to the port and to the market.

However, no action has been taken by the authorities regarding the letter.#

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