April 13, 2021
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Chaos as new landslides destroy roads to Chin State

08 October 2015 — Hundreds of travellers in Chin State are stranded on the roads following heavy rains that had triggered new landslides.

The recently repaired two main roads connecting Hakha with Kalay and Gangaw were destroyed again on Tuesday.

Pa Lian, a Hakha resident travelling to Kalay today, told the Chinland Guardian: “It was a nightware. There were quite a few heavy landslides that had swept away the roads. I changed three different cars and eventually got to Kalaymyo at night.”

The road destruction near Taingen, a village between Tedim and Kalay, is reported worst-affected, blocking dozens of passengers.

He said: “Some people had already got stuck on the road for two days. What happened was that although big machines cleared the road, landslides kept occurring continuously because of the rains.”

Sung, another Hakha resident, said that she had come back to the town as new landslides had destroyed the road leading to Gangaw.

The Hakha-Gangaw road, heavily destroyed by landslides following heavy rains in late July, had just been repaired and only accessible by small vehicles for a few days.

A Chin bus company based in Mandalay said that at least three bridges between Mandalay and Kalay had been destroyed and that they had not provided bus services for two days.#

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