April 18, 2021
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Tripartite coordination needed for effective disaster response, UN agencies told

09 October 2015 — The Chin Committee for Emergency Response and Rehabilitation met with UN agencies and international organizations yesterday, providing updates on the humanitarian situation on the ground ahead of the national recovery planning forum scheduled for 13 October in Naypyitaw.  

The committee highlighted the need for a tripartite coordination among the government, INGOs and the local communities in order to effectively address the issues confronting Chin victims of the natural disaster.

Attendees of the meeting included representatives from various UN agencies, INGOs and diplomatic community.

Salai Thawngpi, a leading CCERR member, said: “It is vital that the local communities get involved at all levels in the recovery and reconstruction process.”

The CCERR has since late August collaborated with more than 20 local relief committees in collecting damage and loss data in Chin State as well as Arakan State, Sagaing and Magwe Regions, where sizeable Chin poplutations exist.

In the discussion held in Rangoon, it said that there was a significant gap in data collected by the local committees and the State government.

According to the data presentation at the event, there is up to 40 per cent disparity in government’s data and independent data regarding the number of affected households in the whole Chin State.

Early this week, at least 14 families in Hakha town reported that they are not included in the government’s list for relocation in the new settlement although their land and houses were destroyed.

The CCERR is separately planning to have a coordination meeting in late October, where all stakeholders, including representatives of afffected local communities, will have a chance to deliberate on the short and long-term plans for reconstruction of Chin State.#

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