April 20, 2021
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Chin refugee father found dead in Delhi

07 October 2015 — A Chin refugee identified as Khin Maung Thuai, 40, was found dead in New Delhi, India yesterday.

The Dabri police said that they had been informed by local residents and had taken the body to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital.

With the help of Chin refugee community leaders who had been contacted by the police, Mrs Ca Bang confirmed at the hospital that it was her husband.

She said: “He had been missing since Sunday night after a church service. I thought he was just visiting some friends as it was his habit to drop by even at late night.”

“I had been searching for him since Monday. I felt very sad and at the same time shocked to hear that he was found dead.”

She believed that her husband must have been attacked and left to death as he had had injuries in his face.

An investigation has been conducted into the cause of his death, according to the police.

The police said that a postmortem examination had been carried out but the result had not been announced.

Biak Tha Hmun, president of the Chin Refugee Committee, said that they had strongly believed it was not a natural death.

He added that it had been the second case the Burmese refugee community in the vicinity had come across such an incident, with the first on 2 June 2015.

His dead body was kept at the hospital for a night and handed over to his family and relatives today after the postmortem examination.

Khin Maung Thuai is survived by wife Mrs Ca Bang and his daughter, aged five. The family arrived in Delhi in 2009 as refugees from Burma.#

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