April 12, 2021
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Landslides hit Chin State

28 July 2015 — Heavy rains have caused landslides in Chin State and Sagaing Region, destroying houses and roads.

In Hakha, at least five buildings were destroyed by landslides and families were urged to evacuate from their houses to safer places.

“We have had heavy rains for a few days. Actually, it has been raining continuously since Saturday,” Nu Sui, a Hakha resident, told the Chinland Guardian.

“It is not only the landslides but also flash floods that have brought houses to destruction and displaced many families,” said Sui.

Some state and boarding schools are being closed in the capital as the rains continue, according to sources from Hakha.

Private cars and several buses have been stranded on both the Hakha-Mandalay and Hakha-Kalay roads by landslides.

Cer, a resident in Hakha, said that the road blockade had made supplies of vegetables and meat short in the town.

25 July, Paletwa Township

In Sami, about 30 houses have been flooded as the water level of Pui river rises following heavy rains.
The Na-Ta-La school is also inundated (update on 29 July).

25 July, Matupi Township

A heavy landslide taking place in Khuabawi ward, Matupi town has put a house, belonging to Boi Luep, in danger.

27 July, Falam Township

A road leading to the Basic Education Primary School No. 3 in Falam has been destroyed around 10am by landslides, following heavy rains.

29 July, Tedim Township

Houses are swept away by landslides in Suangzang village, Tedim Township.

To see images, click the link: http://www.chinlandguardian.com/index.php/photos/item/2368-in-pictures-landslides-in-chin-state-and-sagaing-region #

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