April 12, 2021
Chin News

Authorities blamed for ignoring landslide-hit victims in Matupi

27 July 2015 — Residents in Matupi town, Chin State have criticized the authorities for taking no action to help victims affected by landslides.

Salai TH, who asks not to be named, said that a house belonging to Boi Luep had been in danger of collapsing because of the landslide, and that officials from government departments had come and gone back withouth doing anything to help deal with the situation.

“U Maung Maung, a sergeant from the Matupi Police Force, visited the site on Sunday but he just left without even saying anything to the locals,” he said.

“Today, members of the fire brigade department came in the morning. They also left without doing anything,” Salai TH said.

He added that no officials from the town and ward general administration offices had been seen on the scene.

Meanwhile, landslides and flash floods have destroyed houses and roads in other parts of Chin State.#

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