April 14, 2021
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Salen school children infected with swine flu: Health Department

26 January 2016 — The infection that has caused 102 school children and 5 teachers sick in Salen village, Thantlang township is identified as a type of swine influenza, according to the Chin State Health Department.

The Department said that they had conducted an investigation into the situation with the help of an expert sent from Nay Pyi Taw and identified the virus as H3H1.

It also indicated that it might have been the first occurence in Chin State, if not in the country, adding: “The virus normally affects domestic animals such as pigs and chickens.

Thang Ding, the village headman, said in the Chinland Post that they had to close the school as their teachers and the students got sick all at once.

The outbreak started on 11 January and the symptoms included diarrhoea and cold. Seven doctors from Hakha and Thantlang towns visited the village to give treatment.

As of today, Ding said that about 40 children and the teachers had recovered but the school was still closed.

Currently, Salen has one Middle School with about 200 students and no medical doctor although the village has one Township Health Centre.#

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