April 13, 2021
Chin News

30 houses flooded in Sami

26 July 2015 — Heavy rains caused a high rise in the water level of the river Pui on Saturday night, flooding 30 houses in Sami town, Paletwa township, Chin State.

Ai Maung Hla, a youth leader in Sami, said that it had started raining from around midnight until daybreak the following day.

“Some houses were afloat while others were carried away by a strong current. As it happened in the middle of the night, people were not able to keep many of their belongings safe,” he added.

According to the Khumi Media Group, 20 households from Ward No. 1 and another 10 from Ward No. 2 were inundated.

Hla said that families hit by the flood were temporarily staying at the houses of relatives and neighbours.

“We, the youth group, are trying to get detailed data about the victims and their needs,” Hla said.

As of today, the affected villagers have not received any assistance.#

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