April 13, 2021
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Govt dept criticised for bad condition of Hakha road

12 May 2015 — The Department of Construction in Hakha has been slammed for its work as the main road, completed in late February this year, has already developed bad conditions.

A Hakha resident said that people were shocked to see that the surface of the newly tarred road in the capital of Chin State had started coming off in less than three months.

The Hakha Post reported that the asphalt covering the road was so thin that it could easily melt as it got hotter in the summer, adding: “It gradually gets eroded as vehicles run on it.”

The Chin State government had told the construction department responsible for the road modernization project to hasten road construction work to complete it before the arrival of President Thein Sein to attend the February 20 celebration of Chin National Day.

“We have been well familiar with the nature of the authorities. But this time, as they are known to have been changing, we thought that they would prove their nature to us with quality work. Now, this happens again. What can we say?” a community leader told the Chinland Guardian.

The project included widening and tarring the main road, with residents seeing their verandas destroyed with no compensation. However, some welcomed the new development while others complained.

The Chinland Guardian is not able to reach the Department of Construction in Hakha for comments.#

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