April 18, 2021
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House fire kills elderly woman in Hakha township

12 May 2015 — An elderly woman identified as Sui Bor, 82, was burned to death when her family’s house was on fire at about 10pm last Thursday in Sakta, Hakha Township, Chin State.

Pu Hram Cin, Bor’s brother-in-law, said in the Hakha Post that it had got very late when the villagers found out about the fire.

“The kitchen was already gone and so was the passage between the kitchen and her bedroom. So, she could not be rescued,” he said.

Her grandchildren, a boy and a girl aged between 5 and 7, managed to escape from the house by climbing down the ladder that neighbours had placed against a window, according to reports.

Information about the source of the fire is not known although it was suggested to have started in the kitchen.

According to police, the rest of the family were working on their farm and sleeping over when the incident took place, and it was only the two-storey house that was burnt down.

The police took her body to the Hakha General Hospital for a post-mortem on Friday and it was then returned to her village for burial.#

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