April 13, 2021
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Landslides forced two villages to move, school to close in Falam

11 September 2013: Heavy landslides caused by continuous downpours in recent weeks have forced villagers of Laizo and Zalai in Falam Township, Chin State to move out of their places.

U Kyaw Nyein, Chin Minister of Forestry and Mines, said the two villages have to be abandoned as they are not safe for people to live in any more.

He said the decision was made based on the results of geological surveys which indicate high danger of possible landslides in the future.

Until today, no details have been set as to when and how the villagers would be accommodated and looked after.

Currently, Laizo and Zalai residents are temporarily taking shelters in the nearby villages and Falam town.

U Kyaw Nyein said in the Voice Weekly that an official letter asking for assistance to the two villages has already been sent to the central government but no response has been received yet.

Sources said landslides still occur in the areas and elsewhere as the rain has not stopped.

Meanwhile, two schools in Falam town have been closed in fear of potential landslides in the surrounding due to heavy rains, according to vcth.net.

Another big landslide on the main road, about 24 miles away from Hakha, toward Mandalay last weekend caused travel and transport disruptions.#

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