April 11, 2021

Lai TV programme launched in India’s Mizoram

10 September 2013: The Lairam Media Group (LMG) said it would broadcast TV news in Lai dialect once a week in Mizoram State of India.

In an office-opening and programme-launching event held last Saturday, LMG said the new service in Lai would be aired the following day.  

Secretary LH Lalhmunmawi said in his report that LMG has moved forward through difficulties but made some progress, stressing the importance of media in bringing better understanding and unity among the Lai people.

The ceremony was officially opened by Pu C. Ngunliancung, Chief Executive Member of the Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC).

He said the programme has just started but its future much depends on the people, adding: “No one will come and do this for us. We are the ones to do this. The future generation will be proud of being Lai through this program.”

Since its inception in Lawngtlai on 6 September last year with aims to improve Lai literature in the region, LMG began publishing news in a printed format.

And LMG has extended its media work into an online version which presents a weekly collection of news on Youtube since July 2013.

The Lai Autonomous District Council is one of the three Councils in Mizoram State of India for ethnic Lai with an estimated population of over 70,000.#

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