April 11, 2021
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Chin refugee mother beaten, family robbed in Delhi

10 September 2013: A Chin refugee mother was slapped several times by a group of local people who had a verbal argument with her husband in Delhi, India.

A source from the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) said the 26-year-old mother of three children got beaten up when she tried to help calm down the situation.

The incident started around 9pm at night last Friday when her husband was hit by a rickshaw while on his way with his son to buy some medicine from the nearby shop.

Subsequently, an argument broke out between the husband and the rickshaw driver, who started to fight with a stick.

Some locals in the areas, who were trying to intervene, slapped the Chin mother when she asked an apology from the rickshaw driver to her husband.

Last Sunday, the same family had 3,500 Indian Rupees stolen from their rented room while they were attending a church worship service in Delhi.

“We kept the money inside our suitcase but it was not locked with any keys. When we came back from church, we found out that the cloth which was used to wrap the suitcase up got torn and left spreading on the floor. And the money was gone,” said the family.

Until today, no information has been confirmed as to who broke in their house and stole the money.

The family said they had been saving the money for weeks to pay their house rent.

Yesterday, the family reported the case to SLIC (Socio-Legal Information Center), an implementing partner of the UNHCR in Delhi.#

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