April 18, 2021
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Chin village in Sagaing Region celebrates golden jubilee

04 February 2014: Chinsuh village, also known as Haikhawl, in Kalay Township, Sagaing Region celebrates its 50th anniversary of settlement in the village today.

Rev. Run Herh Ling, General Secretary of the Jubilee Celebration Committee, said: “We have been preparing for this celebration for three years and tried our best to share this special occasion with the people, together with Chin leaders and representatives across Kalay township.”

Today’s event includes an opening ceremony of a new building dedicated as ‘Za Hlei Khuai Memorial Hall’ to the village’s founder, and other activities involving sports and cultural demonstrations in his honour.

Rev. Run Herh Ling also said that a shield is being made with his image and an inscription reading ‘HAIKHAWL GOLDEN JUBILEE (1964-2014)’ as a tribute to Pu Za Hlei Khuai and his family.

Over 5,000 people are participating in the event, preceded by a celebration of the Chinsuh Baptist Church golden jubilee on Sunday, and to be followed by another anniversary, on February 8 that will mark the establishment of the Presbyterian church 50 years ago in the village.

The Chin village, founded in 1964 by Pu Za Hlei Khuai after his retirement as a soldier of the 2nd Chin Rifle Battalion in 1962, and located about 10 miles from Tahan in Kalaymyo, is home to about 600 households.

With the official permission and acknowledgement of the then Burma’s government, it was established on 4 February 1964 as Chinsuh, construed as a place where Chin people in Lairawn areas come and live together.

Yesterday, the tombs and remains of both Pu Za Hlei Khuai who died in 1983 and wife Pi Thal Tin Zing who died in 2004, were transferred to Chinsuh from Hmuntha village.

His children, grandchildren and extended family members found a non-governmental charity organization called ‘Za Hlei Khuai Foundation’ based in Norway in his memory.

In Indiana State of USA, the ‘Chinsuh Childcare’, founded by his daughter Lal Run Mawi and believed to be the first Chin childcare centre in the State, is officially opened in a ceremony in which Rev. Dr. Stephen Hre Kio and other Chin leaders as well as pastors attend.# 

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