April 12, 2021
Chin News

Landslide-hit villagers struggle in new place in Falam

19 July 2015 — Zalai villagers resettling in a new place called Lungpi in Falam Township, Chin State are struggling for their survival.

They had moved out from their village, Zalai, which was hit by heavy landslides in August 2013.

Ms Hmun Thlau and Ms Hrinthim said in the Chinland Today that they were collecting stones and making gravel for road construction but they couldn’t find enough work to support their families.

“We have to send our children over the age of 16 to work in Mizoram State of India. But they do not earn enough for us,” said the two women.

They indicated that they had not received any support from the authorities yet since they had moved to the new village.

“Some of our children have to go to middle and high schools in Falam as we have only a primary school in our village. It is very difficult for us,” they added.

The villagers had temporarily stayed in shelter in a jungle soon after Zalai, home to about 400 people, was put in danger by landslides.#

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