April 11, 2021
Chin News

Training provided to help Chin farmers in Paletwa

05 February 2014: The Network for Chin Community Development (NCCD) and Ethnic Community Development Forum (ECDF) jointly provided a two-day training on agriculture and development to local subsistence farmers in Paletwa last week.

30 Chin participants from 11 villages in Paletwa township, Chin State, discussed issues related to problems facing their subsistence crop cultivation and possible solutions to them.

One of the participants said that their group discussions had resulted in a list of current challenges and most suitable methods to improve their ways of farming practices.

Trainers and leaders of the two organizations said that they would strive to find ways in which problems could be solved either by putting them forward to the State government or by other mechanisms that might be available to them.

They also said that a broader event involving leaders and representatives from each state across the country will be organized after completion of the ongoing training programmes.

Founded in July 2004, the ECDF, with its eight member organizations, serves as a focal point for social and community development groups from ethnic states while the NCCD has worked to empower disenfranchised people and to improve lives of people in Chin State through development programmes since its inception in 2002.#

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