April 14, 2021
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Elderly man knifed to death in Hakha

27 February 2014: Pu Sum Mang, 64, died minutes after he was stabbed in the chest by a woman identified as Monica in Hakha, Chin State today.

The incident took place inside Monica’s house in Pyidawtha Ward around 8pm, according to the Hakha Post, a local newsletter.

Police said that Monica in her early forties had stabbed him only once on the left side of the chest and that the victim had succumbed to the injury.

Information about the reason behind the incident remains unavailable as the local police are conducting an investigation.

The Chin woman, from Dawrthar Ward, has been kept in police custody.

The body of Pu Sum Mang, a former Ward Administrator in Hakha and originally from Surkhua village, Hakha Township, has been taken to Hakha General Hospital for forensic tests.

The investigation continues.#

Correction: The age of Pu Sum Mang is corrected in the first paragraph. He is 64 years old, not in his early seventies.

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