April 14, 2021
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Religious rights raised to Chin Affairs Minister

27 November 2013: Chin Christians in Magway Region expressed their concerns about issues related to religious purposes during a meeting in Pakkoku town with Salai Hla Tun, Chin Affairs Minister of Magway Region.

They said that they still face difficulties in obtaining permission to renovate and construct religious buildings and seek assistance from the Chin Affairs Minister.

According to the Chin World Media, a pastor from the Pakkoku Chin Baptist Church said during the meeting: “We would like to request our minister to raise the issues in his power to relevent government authorities so that we are allowed to freely look after our premises.”

In response, Salai Hla Tun said that he would try his best to put the matter forward as he addressed the meeting attended by leaders and representatives of the Chin community, government employees, churches and universitity students as well as tutors.

Until recently, Chin Christian ministers working in Magway Region were reported to have faced repressive and discriminatory measures from the local authorities as well as from Buddhist monks.

Returning from the Chin National Conference (CNC) held in Hakha, Chin State, the Chin Affairs Minister was holding meetings with Chin communities based in Gangaw, Yesagyo and Pakkoku.

Salai Hla Tun, an Asho Chin from Allanmyo, now known as Aunglan or Myede town, in Thayet District of Magway Region, was nominated from the National Unity Party as a minister for the ‘National Race Affairs’ in 2010.#

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