April 14, 2021
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List of Chin Affairs Minister Candidates Contesting in 2020 Election, Myanmar

Last updated on 17 October 2020

List of Male and Female Candidates

State/RegionMale FemaleTotal

List of Political Parties of Chin Affairs Minister Candidates

No.Candidate NameSexPolitical PartyRegion
1Ko Ko NaingMaleIndependentRakhine State
2Saw MyaMaleIndependentRakhine State
3Mai Su Su HlaingFemaleIndependentRakhine State
4Saw WinMaleUnion Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)Rakhine State
5Salai Tin OoMaleChin National League for Democracy (CNLD)Rakhine State
6Tun Aung KyawMaleChin National Party (CNP)Rakhine State
7Pone BoyMaleNational League for Democracy (NLD)Rakhine State
8Maung Maung WinMaleAsho Chin National Party (ACNP)Rakhine State
9Mon KyinMaleUnited Democratic Party (UDP)Rakhine State
No.Candidate NameSexPolitical PartyRegion
1Salai Nawl Cung Er (a) WilliamMaleNational Unity PartyMagway Region
2Salai Than Win KhaingMaleChin National League for Democracy (CNLD)Magway Region
3Salai Aung Tun MinMaleNational League for Democracy (NLD)Magway Region
4Salai Aung Min HlaingMaleAsho Chin National Party (ACNP)Magway Region
5Tial KamMaleIndependentMagway Region
6Hniar KhamMaleIndependentMagway Region
7Myint ToeMaleIndependentMagway Region
8Maung LwinMaleUnited Democratic PartyMagway Region
9Than Htay (a) GhabiMaleUnion Solidarity and development Party (USDP)Magway Region
10Than TunMaleUnion Betterment Party (UBP)Magway Region
11Aye Tun MinMaleChin National Party (CNP)Magway Region
No.Candidate NameSexPolitical PartyRegion
1Dr. Gin Heih LianMaleDemocratic Party of National Politics (DNP)Sagaing Region
2San Ra UkMaleNational Unity Party (NUP)Sagaing Region
3San Thuam ThangMaleChin National League for DemocracySagaing Region
4Tuan Lam ThangMaleIndependentSagaing Region
5Bawi Za NangMaleIndependentSagaing Region
6Bual NawkMaleIndependentSagaing Region
7Lal Than CuangMaleIndependentSagaing Region
8Mang Khua HungMaleUnited Democratic Party (UDP)Sagaing Region
9Lal Bawi BikMaleUnion Betterment Party (UBP)Sagaing Region
10LalrinmuanFemaleNational League for Democracy (NLD)Sagaing Region
11Mr. ThangseiaMaleUnion Solidarity and Development Party (USDP)Sagaing Region

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